The following informational handouts are available for patrons to review at the Legal Assistance Center:

Family Law
Child Custody in Michigan
- Initial Determination
- Modification
Domestic Mediation
Facts about the MiCSF
Frequently Asked Questions About Paternity
How Can I Pay Child Support if I'm Locked Up?
Kent County Parenting Plans
Legal Separation
Mediation in Michigan
Michigan Parenting Time Guideline
Physical and Legal Custody of Children in Michigan
Property Division for Divorce
Questions by Fathers of Children Born Out of Wedlock
Representing yourself in Family court: Some considerations
Serving Complaints on Inmates at the Kent County Jail
Support Review and Modification
Understanding Child Support
What every parent should know about establishing paternity

Evictions for Termination of Tenancy
Know Your Rights - Surviving Eviction
Land Contract
Landlord/Tenant Possession or Health Hazard/Property Damage
Resources for Rent Assistance
Tenants and Landlords

Consumer Law
How to Dispute Credit Report Errors
Credit Repair: Self-Help May Be Best
Prescreened Offers of Credit and Insurance
Bankruptcy Law - New Requirements
No-Fault Insurance
- Insurance Counselor
- Michigan No-Fault
- A Consumer's Guide to No-Fault Automobile Insurance in Michigan

Civil Suits
Collecting Money from a Small Claims Judgment
Frequently Asked Questions About Garnishment
Garnishment Information
Small Claims
Small Claims - 61st District Court
Small Claims FAQ

Alternate Service
Family Resource Guide
Evidentiary Hearings
Finding Your Way in Kent County
Representative Payee Information and FAQ Guide
Legal Resources in Western Michigan
Suspension of Fees/Costs
Vulnerable Adult Abuse/Neglect
Frequently Asked Questions About Employment Discrimination
Wrongful Discharge

Frequently Asked Questions about Wills
Guardianship, etc.
Peace of Mind
Special Instructions for Name Change
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