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About Legal Assistance Center

About Legal Assistance Center

The Legal Assistance Center is an independent, nonprofit legal self help center. We are working to make access to justice for everyone a reality. We help people be better informed and better prepared so their voices can be heard.

We believe that limited financial circumstances and the complexity of the legal system should not stand in the way of people sharing their story and seeking a fair outcome. When people can get help and the have opportunity to be heard, they are more likely to feel that the results of their case were fair, disputes are resolved and our community is a better place.

The West Michigan legal community created the Legal Assistance Center to be a shared community legal resource.  Opened in 2002, the LAC was the first self help center in Michigan and among the first in the country. It was designed to address the challenges faced by those who represent themselves in the legal process.

Today the LAC helps over 18,000 people each year with family, housing, consumer and other basic legal issues. The LAC is located in the Kent County Courthouse to make our services accessible to people using the courts, but we are independent from the court system. Our experienced staff and many trained volunteers are here to help the people of West Michigan help themselves.

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