Are You Being Evicted? Get Legal and Financial Help

Facing Legal Problems Alone?

Legal Assistance Center can help.

If you are trying to solve basic legal problems in Kent County without an attorney, the Legal Assistance Center can help you help yourself. Our goal is to help you be informed, be prepared and be heard.
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Understanding Your Legal Options

Like it or not, many of us will interact with the legal system at some point in our lives. Sometimes, we have to untangle these complex processes alone. Legal Assistance Center is here to help our patrons understand their options. We offer assistance in important areas like family law, rental disputes, probate, and small claims in Kent County.

We are committed to providing access to justice

At the Legal Assistance Center we believe everyone is entitled to access to justice. That means that everyone, regardless of resources, regardless of whether they can afford an attorney, is entitled to use the courts and solve legal problems. Our justice system belongs to all of us and must work for each of us.
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Volunteer Opportunities

At the Legal Assistance Center, trained volunteers work alongside experienced staff to provide legal self help services to the people of Kent County. Volunteers learn about the courts, substantive law and legal procedure. Serving at the Legal Assistance Center is an ideal opportunity for college and graduate students studying law or aspiring to careers in law, social work or social justice.
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