LAC Impact

LAC Impact: A Father’s Simple Joy

On a beautiful West Michigan summer evening, a dad walks through the festival grounds with each hand holding tight to his two young daughters. Each girl is bouncing the way kids do at the sight of lights and balloons and hot dogs.  They look up at their dad as they pull him along toward the next adventure. You can hear them “Daddy, Daddy … look Daddy … let’s go see!”

Across the crowd, the dad sees a familiar, friendly face. It’s the person from the LAC who helped him.  Now pulling his daughters along, he goes over to say thank you. “You made this possible. I am so happy to have this time with my girls.”  It turns out that the LAC helped him to get this parenting time with his daughters. As he walks away he shares, “I never could have done this without your help.”

And thanks to all of you who support the Legal Assistance Center. You made possible the simple joy of a dad walking hand in hand with his daughters on a sparkling summer night.


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